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Lately, I have been rediscovering my love of Suspense and found this blog. About 20 years ago I first heard "House on Cyprus Canyon" & "Fugue in C Minor" on a tape from the local library...I was hooked!

Since then over the next few years I always got boxed sets of Suspense shows for holidays. I must've listened to these tapes hundred-fold!

Now it's 2009 and unfortunately my tapes are long gone, but thanks to the miracle of the internet I have every episode I remember having PLUS HUNDREDS more I have never heard (found them on IA).

I love the internet. Although nothing will ever replace the feeling of entering a library amongst the musty old books and spending hours just for the sake of discovering new things (like I once did with Suspense), the internet in some ways saves time and now I can permanently 'borrow' things without the fear of a 15 cent late fee! :)

Thanks for providing this blog, I will have fun exploring all the posts!


Hashi-Tashi, it just so happens, that I have a cassette with "Fugue" and "House", only I bought mine at Cracker Barrel fo $4.99. And, yes, you will have hours of fun exploring this site.


Thanks so much! I'm glad you found us. I discovered Suspense when I signed up for a membership at a few years back. (Their website makes it really easy to explore all kinds of old time radio shows.) The internet has now made old time radio so accessible, that it has brought in a whole new audience.

When I was kid, however, I did have a cassette of Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy that I loved and completely wore out. I can still repeat most of the jokes on that cassette even after twenty years. -Christine


If you like Escape and Suspense...give the Whistler a try...very underrated show..west coast only...i feel its way better than Escape or Suspense!

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